The Founder
Mary Ann Quintua, CSP, CSMS, MBA-ISM
Founder & General Manager of MAQ Research Inc.

Mary Ann’s academic foundation is Engineering but she earned her MBA degree when she pursued her interest in Industrial Security Management at the Philippine Women’s University.

She is a Certified Security Professional, Certified Security Management Specialist and a trained Occupational Health and Safety Expert.

Before founding MAQ Research, Mary Ann worked as the Director for Admin and Operations of Trigold Security and Investigation Agency, Investigation and Training Head of Right Eight Security and Investigation Agency Incorporated, Assistant Operations Manager of Truth Verifier Systems, Inc. and Safety and Security Associate at Aegis People Support Inc. (a BPO Company) where she proved her expertise in the fields of Safety and Security Management Planning, Detective & Investigation, Safety and Security Surveys, Risk Assessment, Background Checking, Employee Relations, Security Policy Making and Security Training, Physical and Corporate Security.

As a Security Training Expert, Mary Ann has also facilitated Courtesy & Public Relations and Emergency Preparedness Program to various clients in the Retail Industry, Property Management Companies and Academic Institutions.

She likewise pioneered a Training School in 2008 named The Eight Security Training Center where she offered training programs like Security Officers Program (SOP), Potential Security Officers Program (PSOP), Security Investigation, and Security Management Planning.

Mary Ann also served as a Consultant for Security and Safety at Liberty Commercial Center (The Largest Retail Company in the Bicol Region) and F &T Raymundo Pawnshop and other corporate clients. As Consultant to various organization, she checked the proper implementation of organizations’ established security systems and made recommendations necessary for improvement. Likewise, she provided the needed support in the development and enhancement of these security systems by recommending solutions in addressing security gaps and weaknesses within the Company’s business operational requirements.

With a wide range of connections both from private and government institutions, her expertise in security and investigation will surely delight clients and business partners.

Our Management Team:
The Management team behind MAQ Research Inc. has been in the industry of information research and investigation for decades. No one can better understand the importance of background checks and the organization’s requirement for the same but the people who have who have gone through similar challenges and responsibilities, exhibiting the same competencies. Because of this, our works are built upon a history of long years of experience, deep-rooted passion for information research and investigation and personal desire to add value to clients and organization it serves.
The business is driven by our three working directors, who are also officers of the company, collectively they accumulated more than 30 years of work experience in the industry. They personally attend to all aspects of operations to ensure quality work, quality service and quality people. They are involved in the operation, business development, human resource and administration of the company. It is hard work that drove management ahead to our next step towards growth. Through the leadership of the founder, the officers of the company proactively gathers feedback and identifies changes in business environment. With the help of their consultants, they constantly review work processes and communicate key learning points and company policy to all staff at regular meetings.

Our People:
Our people are essential in the delivery of our services and solution to our clients. To ensure that they are equipped with the right skill, knowledge and attitude, a comprehensive training program is in place to constantly upgrade our people in technical and behavioral skills.
We believe firmly in providing the right training, certification and practical knowledge for our people so they execute their duties and responsibilities correctly and confidently. We aim to stay relevant amid the ever-changing market place and client’s requirement.
We hire staff members based on their ability to become part of a dependable company providing reliable quality and in-depth business information and security solutions, delivering beyond expectation while maintaining the highest standard of work ethics.

Our Values:
We would like to be acknowledged by our clients for the services rendered with integrity, quality, simplicity & flexibility. Our group desires to deliver peace of mind to the business by providing services that are reliable, cost effective and adheres to the high standards of professionalism and business ethics.
Needless to state, the atmosphere in the company adheres to the corporate culture of integrity, quality, simplicity & flexibility.